Autopsia Resurrection Machines album

A machine has to be constructed, and art as abstract machine will require an artist adequate to the task: a mechanic.
Released February 23, 2024

The six turntables for Bakunin – Anarchy of sound. Autopsia returned with a violent reckoning, exploring the heat of rage through abrasive and intense dancehall mutations. Each of the four tracks has its own dramatic arc, some subtle and some utterly titanic, and the record as a whole has a cumulative force only possible when those are stacked one atop the other.
Released January 25, 2024

Autopsia music can suggest machines running blithely amok, unfazed by the presence of humans, distilling synthesized drones, simmering waves of distorted synthesis, otherworldly, astronomic sound design to crushing effect, and the occasional drumbeat into a molten, swirling mass, ominous yet engrossing.
Released December 24, 2023

Not lovely aestheticizations of late-capitalist collapse that comfort more than they confront. A dark ambient magma flow of ultra deep harmonic immersion. Autopsia employs atonal noise, simmering waves of distorted synthesis, undulating drones and otherworldly, astronomic sound-design to crushing effect.
Released December 5, 2023.

Autopsia mixes pure drone, symphonic grandeur, and industrial clang.
Ominously plodding beats.
Utterly brutal.
A perfect soundtrack to collapsing new buildings and broken bodies infected by poisonous sonic dirt.
Serious as your life.
Released October 16, 2023

This new work by the legendary AutopsiA collective has been conceived for an AutopsiA exhibition which took place earlier this year. Six tracks have been composed and performed together with the Dämmerung Orchestra.
Both debut cuts bring us back to early Industrial Experiments during the 80s which reminds us that AutopsiA were part of this ‘Industrial music revolution’. Quite progressively the work moves into more familiar Cinematic fields which have been often experimented by AutopsiA during the past years. The album features multiple spoken/narrative parts taken from ChatGPT and the work of Bertolt Brecht, Karl Marx, Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim.
(Sideline Magazine)
Released June 11, 2023

Moving into the monumental realm of pure, electro-acoustic soundworlds, WERKSTATT is a stunning magnum opus release marking a new milestone in Autopsia’s history as a true artist of sound. Rather than being tied to genres or scenes, Autopsia is one of those producers who creates a whole sonic world uniquely of his own, in which varying tracks, styles and tempos take form, but yet in which everything sounds unmistakably characteristic of the creator.The lazy-minded would probably lump it in with the term “ambient/industrial”, but the disciplined brutality, blasting landmine bass and interlocking shrapnel rhythms are clearly Autopsia’s own trademark style. Delirious and hypnotic. Enjoy the trip.
Released October 28, 2021

Six graceful tracks that are as beautiful as they are spiritual, existing in a glacial twilight zone, floating between drone, neo-classical, and extremely slo-mo rhythm . The chill of absolute zero with the insinuating, disturbing sounds of…something bubbling up all around. At one moment warm and organic, the next, slowly slipping into a machine-like coldness to freeze and paralyze… Sounding like a score for a lost Tarkovsky film, the cavernous spaces between the notes are as seductive as the lush music within the album. What is about to come through is something we should flee from—now, and desperately.
Composed, mixed and produced during the First Lockdown period 2020

Autopsia music is mystifying collection of subtle paterns of looping melancholy. Few groups in recent history forged as confounding and alchemical body of work as Autopsia. Apocalyptic thinking is as ancient as mankind; when human beings first realized there was a future, we also realized there would be an end. On The Day Of Great Judgment Autopsia perplexing depths of esoteric, industrial, avantguard and electronic music in monumental symphonic orchestrations, delivered by earth-moving bass. A masterclass in soundscaping mystery and imagination.
…The end of the world is imperceptible. Imperceptibility of the changes makes people indifferent. Faith in salvation is unshaken and firm as ever. Thinking about the End of Time is so human, so natural, that we might as well enjoy it.