Was heisst Autopsia? Art? Theoria? Framing? Projection? Gaze?
Autopsia is language is image is sound.
Autopsia is a tombstone on the grave of time.
Autopsia is archaeology. The discourse of the beginning and about the beginning. At the beginning is Death.
The building materials of Autopsia are reproductions of representations. Therefore, the production which is performed by Autopsia is the production of reproductions, or, on the level of producing, Autopsia reproduces the production. In fact, Autopsia does not produce anything, in a usual sense of the word; it does not produce something out of nothing, it does not produce the original, it repeats the production.

we wander in abandonment
departed is the gold of days
black metallic skies
you are in deep midnight
the sky is lonely and immense
the song of reapers beating out the scythe
the dark purple light rises in the north
a yellow light rises in the east
and eagles float around the jagged crests
send your flames to the spirit
an army of ravens flew
silent above the place of the skull
stillness, fear and silence
in the courtyard the farm boy slaughters a lamb
here are the bounds of death and the gates of hell